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Smart Watches

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Smart Watches

Find a fantastic range of smart watches online and in store at Shiels. 

Nowadays, a smart watch is not just a timepiece but a powerful computer on your wrist that allows you to stay connected and perform a variety of tasks. It can be used to make calls, send texts, take pictures, and even browse the internet. Some models come with built-in GPS so you can track your location, while others include fitness tracking features to help you stay active. Shiels carries a carefully curated range of these timepieces in various styles and colours to suit every taste.

It doesnt matter if you're running a marathon, gearing up for a fishing trip, or having a night out on the town, this collection of watches has a function for you. With men's watches and women's watches, we have a smart watch design that will suit your style and needs. Of course, we have a great range of kid's smart watches too. 

Whether you’re looking for calendar reminders, to get fit, or to take texts and calls, these smart watches are a must-have. The great news is we have watches for under $100 as well! Shiels has you covered for the biggest range at unbeatable prices.

While it's worth noting that sometimes there's added functionality depending on the handset you've got, all of these watches are packed with functionality. From heart rate monitors to excellent battery life and fitness trackers, there's plenty of gorgeous pieces of wristwear with a lot of the tech you'd want.

What is the purpose of a smartwatch?

Smart watches have been gaining popularity in recent years. Perhaps you are wondering how they are different from regular watches, what kind of functionality they provide, and how they can help you in your day-to-day life. 

Rather than simply telling time, digital smart watches have evolved from regular watches to include various other functions. They are designed to provide a one-stop access to a range of data you might need and act like a mobile computer that sits on your wrist.

While a smart watch for sale can work independently and on its own, most require a connection to your Android or Apple phone and work as companion accessories to your mobile devices. 

From there, you can access anything you need in a convenient, easy-to-view format, and you can play music from your Bluetooth speakers, share your GPS location, or even check recent texts or calls you’ve received and notifications from your social media apps.

These types of wearables aren’t just a means to stay connected either – they have also become the latest practical fashion statement. Most ladies’ smart watches and men’s smartwatches Australia feature classic and stylish designs. You can use them to enhance your style and keep up with the latest trends.

How to choose a good smartwatch? 

To help you on your journey in buying a smart watch, here are some of the things you might want to consider:

  • Compatibility. Purchasing a smart watch that is compatible with your phone is ideal. An Android watch, for instance, works best with Android phones and may have limited functionality, such as being unable to receive texts or calls from other devices. When selecting a digital smart watch model, consider what devices you use most in your daily life and find one that is compatible with them.
  • Battery life. Prior to purchasing a smart watch in Australia, make sure you check its battery life. Certain models incorporate analog technology to extend battery life. However, they have less connectivity to other smart devices.
  • GPS and fitness trackers. Some GPS smart watches usually come with features like a built-in pedometer allowing you to track your workouts and physical activity. Other features you can find in these smart watches are sleep and heart rate monitoring, which is great for those who like to be in tune with their body. 
  • Durability. The best smartwatch Australia is water-resistant, allowing you to bring them wherever you choose to go. Some are also shock-proof and can withstand extreme conditions, from underwater pressure to high altitudes. If you frequent the outdoors, durable smartwatches are perfect for you.

How to take care of your smartwatch?

To keep your smart watch in good condition, here are some tips for you:

Use tempered glass to protect the screen

There are many smart watches that feature materials that protect the screen from bumps and scratches but not always as well as we would like. Fortunately, there is tempered glass that can protect your smart watch screen and prevent it from getting scratched or breaking. 

If you plan to buy tempered glass, keep in mind that it will reduce some of the screen’s visibility and make it look a bit different, just as with mobile devices.

Keep your smartwatch away from potential hazards

Be careful where you take your smart watch. If you’re doing some heavy lifting (such as cleaning out your garage or moving furniture) or are in the presence of strong chemicals, you might be better off leaving your smart watch somewhere safe where you can easily access it. This way you can avoid potential damage and lengthen the lifespan of your smart watch.

Understand what your watch is capable of

For those with water- or weather-resistant models, it’s best to be aware of how much your smart watch can handle. A common mistake is to overestimate the depth or conditions your smart watch can survive, leading to potential damage. Note that it’s also important to keep your smart watch clean after withstanding extreme conditions.

From brands like G-Shock, Fossil, Michael Kors, Cactus to Reflex Active, and Tikkers watches, there is something for everyone. With these brands, you get all the latest smart watch technology to log your exercise, sleep, message notifications, and more. The great news is they come in a range of colours and styles. With black watches, white watches, and rose gold watches, you'll find something to suit your style. 

Explore our wide range online or in store at Shiels. Don't forget to buy now, pay later with our range of finance options. We accept humm, Zip, LatitudePay, Latitude Interest Free, Klarna, and Laybuy. Be sure to check out our Afterpay watches too! Be sure to take advantage of free shipping on all orders over $69.

For Smart Watches in Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane and Sunshine Coast, you can't go past Shiels. Shop online or in store now.

What is a smart watch?

When it comes to smart watches, we define them as anything that links to your phone. Not only do they look great, but they also connect to apps, link to your phone, help your health and have the ability to tell the time. 

Will these watches work with my phone?

Support can vary between platforms, so if you want to check the specifications of each product to make sure that it will function with your phone and the features you want are available. Generally, most of these watches function with both IOS and Android devices. 

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