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Sightsee In Style: Jewellery To Pack For Your European Holiday

Well, it’s that time of year again when you can’t seem to scroll through your news feed without coming across your friends’ enviable holiday snaps. Every year, it seems like more and more Australians are flocking to overseas travel destinations in an attempt to beat the Winter chill. And with borders finally beginning to open up as things with the covid settle down, this year is expected to be no different. We’re all just itching to walk down that aeroplane aisle again. Whether you are headed on a relaxing beach holiday in Bali, a long-awaited honeymoon in the United States, or an epic European adventure, the rush of excitement you feel when you have the chance to head overseas remains the same. So much so that you may even find yourself packing weeks in advance. 

No matter where you are going, or what you plan on getting up to, figuring out what you are going to wear is always an exciting part of preparing for your next trip, especially if you are headed for a big European holiday. Regardless of if you are lapping it up in luxury or travelling on a budget, everyone likes to look their best, especially if you are headed to some of the EU’s fashion capitals, London, Paris or Milan. Not to mention, people will be asking to see all the pictures you snapped and the last thing want is to distract from all the beautiful sights with an unforgettable fashion faux pas. no great vacation outfit is never complete without a myriad of stylish jewellery and accessories to pair with it. This is why we are giving out our tips on the type of jewellery to pack for your European holiday so you can sightsee in style.

Jewellery To Pack For Your European Holiday

Jewellery To Pack For Your European Holiday:

Essential Layering Pieces

The trick to packing jewellery for your European holiday is to not take too much. When you travel, you are often working with limited space-especially if you are travelling during the Winter and are having to bring big coats and jackets away with you. The combat the lack of space in your luggage, make room by leaving your diamond jewellery and other bulkier items at home and instead opt for a few essential layering pieces. Items such as chains, pendants, dainty bracelets and bangles are great for travel as not only do they take up very little space in your luggage, but they are also great for layering which is a handy way to change up your look when working with limited items.

Essential Layering Pieces | Jewellery To Pack On Your European Holiday

For an easy European Summer look, pack one or two gold chains in your bag that you can pair with gold pendants or even wear on their own. Wear this look with a plain white t-shirt for daytime wear and a silk camisole or slip dress for a carefree evening look. You can even coordinate your layered neckwear look with a layered wristwear look by adding a few chain bracelets and gold bangles to your outfit. If you are travelling during the winter, don’t be afraid to add a few layered chains and necklaces to your knitwear. If warmer hues aren’t your thing, try switching out your gold pieces in favour of some sleek silver jewellery. 

Lots Of Colour

Travel is all about new experiences and trying out things you wouldn’t normally do at home. Naturally, this means that people often dress differently when they go overseas, particularly when they go to Europe, a continent known for its vibrant fashion scene. While some like to keep it simple, others will experiment with florals, floaty dresses and lots of colours. From picnics on the green laws by the Eiffel Tower and bike trips around Amsterdam to moreish lunches on the Amalfi Coast, there is no better time to add some playfulness to your look than on a Euro trip. And one great way to add some colour to your look is with your accessories by way of gemstone and rainbow jewellery

Lots Of Colour | Jewellery To Pack For Your European Holiday

Whether it is a luscious pair of ruby earrings, some romantic morganite or simply just some coloured cubic zirconia jewellery, a little bit of colour goes a long way. You could be wearing a very neutral white, nude or black outfit and the minute you add some coloured accessories it instantly changes the vibe of the whole look. A general rule of thumb when it comes to coloured jewellery is to keep it simple, you want to look overdone. Limit yourself to between two and three coloured pieces. Opt for minimalist items such as a pair of crystal huggie earrings, a pendant and even a ring adorned with your favourite colour or gemstone. Alternatively, opt for a layered look with a few multi-coloured crystal rings or bangles. 

Versatile Hoop Earrings

When you’re on a jam-packed, multi-city and multi-country European holiday, you are constantly on the go and have very little downtime. This can often leave you with very little time to get ready in the morning before you set out on your next adventure for the day. As a result, you may want to make sure that the jewellery you pack for your European holiday is the kind of jewellery that you can just throw on in the morning without much thought. And nothing fits the criteria for this any more than earrings, hoop style earrings to be exact. Hoop earrings are the one accessory that you can count on for practically any occasion, especially travel.   

Versatile Hoop Earrings | Jewellery To Pack For Your European Holiday

No matter the style, design, shape or colour, hoop earrings are versatile, carefree and very easy to travel with. Unlike stud earrings that can are also at risk of getting lost in your case due to their daintiness, hoops will pair well with pretty much any outfit or hairstyle that you pair them with. When it comes to picking a hoop style to take on your Euro trip, you can’t go past a timeless pair of gold hoop earrings. A pair of gold hoop earrings will make any outfit pop while also complimenting any hair colour and skin tone. Not to mention, they will look gorgeous with the straw sunhat that you ultimately end up packing for your adventure. The key is to opt for a smaller pair so they don’t get in the way of all your activities and make you look overdone. 

A Stylish Timepiece

Timekeeping is an essential part of travel. There is always a plane or train to catch, a show you are about to see or a tour that you have to be on before a certain time. As a result, there is always a person in your travel group whether it be your dad, your organised best friend or your partner. If you are that person, however, then watches may just be your ultimate travel accessory. Not only is a watch super stylish, but they are also very reliable and go with pretty much everything in your wardrobe. This means if you have a watch with you when you travel, you may not need to worry about wearing as many accessories as the watch pretty much works as your statement piece. If you do decide to pack a watch for your European holiday, there are several things to consider.

A Stylish Timepiece | Jewellery To Pack On Your European Holiday

 The first thing you will need to consider is style. Avoid watches with overly shiny hardware and crystal adornments, while these types of watches can really elevate your look they may just be a little too flash for your European holiday and may not be as comfortable when you are doing lots of physical activities, particularly when it is hot. Instead, opt for more pared-back styles such as leather watches, timepieces with a silicone band or stainless steel watches with an adjustable mesh bracelet. Smartwatches and G-Shock watches are also great for travel due to their hardwearing resin case and shock-resistant technology that will protect your timepiece from even the toughest blows-including being thrown around in your case during air travel. It is also a great idea to avoid travelling with timepieces made by high-end watch brands, these pieces are very vulnerable to pickpockets and theft. So, maybe leave the Rolex at home for this one. 

A Bridal Jewellery Alternative

We briefly touched on it before, but it is no secret that some Europe areas of Europe are notorious for pickpockets. While travelling to the continent is very safe and most people are generally vigilant, opportunistic thieves are known to target unsuspecting tourists. Some pickpockets work so quickly and meticulously that some people won’t even know that they have been robbed before it is too late. So much like your fancy watch, it is probably a good idea to leave your valuable diamond jewellery at home. This includes your wedding and engagement rings. But that is not to say you should have to forgo wearing your bridal jewellery for the entirety of your European holiday. 

Bridal Jewellery Alternatives | Jewellery To Pack For Your European Holiday

When travelling across the ditch, many couples opt to swap out their valuable diamond engagement rings in favour of a low-cost ring to wear on their wedding finger for the duration of their holiday. This handy trick not only helps to deter thieves but also removes the worry of losing your engagement and wedding rings when you are travelling while still letting people know that you are betrothed to your partner. Sure, you may take out insurance when you travel, but these pieces are very personal and may not be able to be replaced in their entirety. When adopting this tactic, many will opt to sport plain gold and silver rings they already have in their collection,  while others go with affordable crystal and cubic zirconia rings that look pretty similar to the bridal set you already wear or a timeless diamond solitaire engagement ring

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