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Best Emerald Engagement Ring Guide

Choosing an engagement ring is one of the most important decisions that any man will ever make. It can be a very daunting task with so many options to choose from and so many issues to consider. You want something that you, and most importantly, your partner will adore for a lifetime. 

Emerald is the stone of growth and abundance, making it a beautiful symbolic stone. Its meaning, along with a vibrant green colour rarely seen elsewhere in gemstones, makes the stone perfect for emerald engagement rings

If your heart is set on precious green, then let us help you with our list of our best emerald engagement rings. We’ve chosen emerald rings with different cuts, accent stones, and types of gold, just so you have the best chance of finding that perfect piece. 

Best Emerald Engagement Rings. Two emerald gold rings lying flat, and set with diamonds.


Best Emerald Engagement Rings

9ct Yellow Gold Created Emerald + Cubic Zirconia Ring

This created emerald ring is one of our most popular, and for good reason. A created emerald gives you better size, colour, and clarity: all for a less expensive stone. And yes, created emeralds are real emeralds, they are just grown in labs rather than deep underground. 

The ring itself is beautiful. It features a gorgeous oval cut emerald set in a swirling bypass ring shank. Four sparkling cubic zirconia gemstones accompany the centrestone, adding more brightness and colour. 

9ct Yellow Gold Created Emerald and Diamond Pear Halo Ring

A created emerald ring with a stunning square cut and diamond halo. The combination of yellow gold, diamond, and emerald is enough to leave anybody speechless, especially with the quality of this stone. Diamond accent stones line the ring’s band for a touch more white colour and light catching shimmer. 

Best Emerald Engagement Rings. Pear shaped emerald gold ring.

9ct 5mm Natural Emerald and Diamond Ring

This ring, containing a natural emerald, has a really nice traditional look to it. The emerald is brilliant cut, and sits proudly in a four prong setting. Diamonds are studded across the yellow gold band, offering some nice alternative flair and colour to the piece. 

Natural emeralds are famous for their ‘jardin’, which is the moss-like appearance of inclusions found under their surface. Mined emeralds are very rarely clear, and if they do have excellent clarity, they will set you back considerably with their cost. Luckily, the jardin is quite beautiful. 

9ct Yellow Gold 1.00 Carat Natural Emerald and 0.15ct Diamond Ring

A natural emerald in a classic emerald cut, one of the most popular coloured gem cuts. This precious ring has a classic look, with plenty of size to appreciate. Again, there’s that classic combination of yellow gold, emerald, and diamond that expresses luxury. A thin band holds the stone, giving it a feminine touch that looks beautiful on the finger.

Best Emerald Engagement Rings. Natural emerald ring with diamonds.

Sterling Silver Created Emerald and Zirconia Ring

With the emerging costs of housing and your wedding, someone you don’t want to spend over $1000 on your engagement ring. You can find a ring that is absolutely stunning, just like this silver emerald ring, that doesn’t cost you several months of saving. 

Best Emerald Engagement Rings. Emerald cut ring.

With a striking emerald and durable sterling silver make, this ring is undeniably high-quality. Zirconia gemstones wrap around the stone and band for a diamond-like shine and glimmer. With an engagement ring, it's not about the cost. It’s about how the ring represents your love, and how happy it makes you. 

There’s no doubt this is a ring to fall in love with. 

Sterling Silver Natural Enhanced Oval Emerald and White Zircon Ring

Here’s a ring with vintage appeal. This oval cut emerald ring is minimalist and feminine, with a hint of glamour thanks to its white zirconia. The raised setting holds this beautiful natural emerald proudly, emphasising its colour and shape nicely when worn. 

Best Emerald Engagement Rings. Emerald gold ring with cubic zirconia.

9ct Yellow Gold 6mm Created Emerald and Diamond Halo Ring

Set with a round cut created emerald with a mesmerising clarity, this gold and diamond ring will leave you speechless. The gorgeous deep-green gemstone is cocooned by a halo of glistening diamonds that continue along the band. A touch of white gold holds the diamonds to make their colour even brighter. 

Best Emerald Engagement Rings. Natural emerald diamond ring with white gold.

9ct White Gold 1.60 Carat Natural Emerald 8x6mm and Diamond 0.21ct Ring

If you are looking for something spectacular, this natural emerald ring has precious colour, size and a fine emerald cut. It’s partnered with several baguette cut diamonds with a gorgeous shine. 

Emerald and white gold is a match made in heaven. The pristine white and vibrant green colours mix perfectly together for a luscious look. This ring is clean in design, and dazzling when worn. 

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